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We both know why you are here.  We’ll help you get back on track.  Find all your answers to all your questions!!!

You can either check out the Hot Topics below for the most frequently asked questions or check out the Support Topics box to the right for more advanced searches.  The Support Topics will always be viewable no matter which page you’re on…how convenient!

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How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started will help you, well…get started.  Learn how to register, upload content, and post comments.  Click here to skip all the BS and just begin the registration.

WTF…Where Is My Money?!?!

Find everything and anything about how to get paid for your content whether it’s a video, a picture or a game…$$$

Want To Know How To Make Your Wallet Fatter?

Learn how your videos, pictures or games become the chosen ones…pick me.

Do You Have What It Takes To View Break?

Click here to see if your computer set up meets the system requirements: hardware, software, browsers, and internet connection.

How Do I NOT Get Banned?

Believe it or not we actually have standards.  Please read the Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, and Privacy Polices.  We don’t enjoy banning users.


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